Church of NFL

What is more sacred in these here United States – Sunday church services or Sunday National Football League games? It depends on who you ask but for me Sunday football is pretty damn special. The global, viral pandemic known as COVID-19 threatened to take our Sunday ritual away from us but somehow Rodger Goodell and the NFL pulled of a miracle that many (including me) didn’t think would happen. The idea that NFL football could actually travel and that GOP-run states like Texas would allow actual fans to watch games in person was-and-is simply unthinkable. But you know what? I will watch them anyway even if my Philadelphia Eagles are stinking up the league in the early goings.

Speaking of my Eagles, many of them are quite religious. Led by Quarterback, Carson Wentz, the Eagles are a tight knit group that often pray before, during and after a game. They also have actually had some of their players baptized in a swimming pool.

This isn’t to say that The Eagles don’t have a political side as they do. Many support former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, in protesting systemic racism in America. They are apt to take a knee in support of Black Lives Matter even if the commissioner or Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones doesn’t approve.

Many sports fans like me who aren’t religious have found God in daily fantasy sports or DFS as it is called. DFS football is far and away the biggest category in daily fantasy sports with DraftKings saying that over 70 percent of their players play DFS football. The way most DFS works is that you get X-amount of budget which is normally $50,000 virtual dollars. You pick different key positions such as quarter back, running back, wide receivers and tight ends. You also pick a utility player as well as a team defense. Points are accumulated accordingly which is where the fun starts. I play with my friends so that I can dominate them over say $1 or $5 but there are other games like GPP which are far more aggressive. You might bet a $25 sum and if you can beat thousands if not tens of thousands of people you might win a million or more dollars. These are total long shots. My favorite game is what’s called the 50-50 which unlike the real world if you come in 49 percent or better you DOUBLE your money. GPPs require you to really pick all of the right players. The 50-50s allow you to play it down the middle yet double your money. I like those better.

Sundays aren’t what they used to be but thank God for football and fantasy DFS sports!